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    三迪介紹 / SanDi introduction

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    Large (101 – 918 m3/h)

    Initial vacuum flow range

    Large (101 – 918 m3/h)

    Initial vacuum flow range

    Piab round vacuum pump

    Round pump

    Round pump is a large capacity pump in a very compact package, suitable for cramped areas. It is based on MIDI COAX? cartridge technology and available in one configuration with 6x Si32-3 MIDI cartridges. Vacuum and exhaust ports are in-line, which makes it easy to install the Round pump into existing hose or pipe lines. ...

    Piab vacuum pump P6040


    Featuring patented COAX? technology, the P6040 can reduce energy costs by up to 25% or more compared to other methods of generating vacuum. With flexible mounting options, an extensive performance range and optional control functions, the P6040 is highly adaptable and well suited for most industrial vacuum applications. PIAB has ...

    Piab MAXI vacuum pump


    Large vacuum pump for applications where large volumes need to be evacuated or to compensate for large leakage flows. Can also be used for vacuum conveying. May also be provided with an energy-saving system and central exhaust.

    產品詳細資料,請聯系就近三迪各辦事處工程師索取,或撥打咨詢熱線 400 6699 418.

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