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    三迪介紹 / SanDi introduction

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    Medium (35 – 110 mm)

    Medium (35 – 110 mm)

    Medium (35 – 110 mm)

    Piab combined pump and gripper VGS?3010


    A product design where high quality suction cups are integrated with vacuum cartridges based on the patented COAX? technology. The vacuum gripper makes selection, sizing and installation of a vacuum system easier. With a VGS? you will enjoy the benefits of a more cost-efficient and reliable vacuum system. VGS?3010 is for example suitable ...

    Piab combined pump and gripper VGS?3040


    The VGS?3040 platform is a complement to the well established VGS?3010  and is available with the same MINI COAX? cartridges. However, there are features in the VGS?3040 such as that it can be configured to have integrated unique Piab functions i.e. AQR2 (Atmospheric Quick Release), blow-off check valve and Energy Saving (or a ...

    產品詳細資料,請聯系就近三迪各辦事處工程師索取,或撥打咨詢熱線 400 6699 418.

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