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    三迪介紹 / SanDi introduction

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    Special Note: Some product links may direct you to our peripheral websites (devicecare.com, diskcare.com,entegrisfluidhandling.com, entegrisfuelcells.com, entegrislifesciences.com, pvprocesssolutions.com, or wafercare.com)

    Filtration Technology

    Controlling contamination in liquid, air and gas process streams enables more productive and technologically superior semiconductor, flat panel displays, data storage, photovoltaic, life sciences, lithium ion battery and other microelectronic manufacturing processes. Entegris provides filtration solutions based on a variety of media and membrane technologies using performance criteria as well as analytical services to detect contamination in technology environments and analyze/validate materials.

    AMC Filtration

    Solutions for chemical filtration of airborne molecular contamination (AMC)

    Gas Diffuser

    Sintered nickel technology with 0.003 μm filtration technology in integrated filters/diffusers

    Gas Filtration

    Nickel, stainless steel and Teflon? filtration technologies for high-purity gas applications

    Liquid Filtration Products

    Membrane and depth media filtration technologies for chemicals, water, solvents and photochemicals

    CMP Slurry Filtration

    Depth media filters for ceria, alumina and silica slurry

    產品詳細資料,請聯系就近三迪各辦事處工程師索取,或撥打咨詢熱線 400 6699 418.

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